How do you choose the best of worship live service? Make certain that important considerations are met before you select a company to provide your new global ministry distribution. Let us have a look at some of the more important things to consider when selecting a company to offer the best of such services.

The selection of the service provider must be based on the below considerations.

Help in choosing the right plan:  There are various plans which you can avail from such service providers. It is good to be guided by the service provider as to which plan is best for your church. The technicians must be able to help you in that respect. You need to select that company which offers you such guidance.  Make sure they are prompt, courteous and available during your most needed hours.

Help regarding equipment choices: There will always be times when you use equipment that you already have and times when new equipment will need to purchased.  The company you select must provide guidance on what pieces of equipment will enable you have the best live worship streaming.  And if you ever need equipment replace, find out if your provider can arrange for purchases to be shipped to you and if they offer any corporate discounts you may take advantage of before buying locally or online.

Have all-round support: You must select a company who can offer you 24*7 support service. There may be need of such support at anytime of the day and you must have it from the company that you have selected. Do they offer tech support on Sunday mornings?

Ease to upgrade: The selected service provider must have the capability to upgrade your service whenever you wish.   Do they answer the phone when you call?  Do they call you back promptly?

If you wish to have such nature of worship live services at an affordable price then you need to be at


Many ministries and Houses of Worship offer online video streaming. When searching online you may come across many websites that offer hosting sermon videos. Let us explore some of the benefits of streaming worship videos.

  1. Extends the reach within community

Is your church well-known in your community?  Does the public know what you stand for?  Do folks know what you can offer those in need who live nearby?

  • Homebound people. Some people simply cannot get to the church building. That shouldn’t limit them from attending “virtually” via an online live stream.
  • Experience. When young people* drive by your church, do they have to guess what goes on inside the building? Or can they logon to the internet and get a peek inside?
  • Connected members. It is important for the current members of your church to have as easy way to stay connected to your church via Live worship.
  1. Discipleship factor

Church and members can make use of video streaming on any day.

  • Working a weekend shift on Sunday? People can still be a part of the Sunday worship on any other day of the week. That makes it easy to follow the weekly teachings online.
  1. Harsh weather

Where are the snow birds?

  • During harsh weather conditions, most people are not able to attend church services.  Easily stream videos online and view right on the church website.
  • Watch and pray from your home or mobile device.
  • Interact with “prayer requests” and “online giving.”
  • Church services can be downloaded and viewed again-and-again.
  1. Economical factor

Do you pay high prices for radio or TV broadcasting now?

  • If you broadcast your church services now via your local cable provider, you know how expensive that can be. Live streaming each month costs about the same price of an average single monthly cell phone bill.
  • And churches with 100 members or less can expect to pay around $49 per month.
  • Streaming worship is very economical to watch. Easily access via your smart TV, mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Re-watching ON DEMAND is also easy and convenient. A great streaming provider is


*FACT:  “A young married couple will watch your church live stream an average of 6 times online before deciding whether or not to enter the church building.” 

-Shawn West, President


Watch LIVE Sundays at 9:30 AM (Atlantic Standard Time Zone)




Live streaming has taken the world by storm. It is not only church services and big conference events that are live streamed, but real-life events like weddings, funerals and other occasions are also streamed online for loved ones who cannot attend in person. Nowadays, even small churches want to stream their events. Thanks to the internet for bringing this revolutionary change.

Pastors are interested in live streaming for some serious benefits that it has to offer. The majority of new people who intend to visit a church, watch services online for an average of 6 weeks before stepping foot in the church.  So, live streaming proves to be an incredible tool to connect with new people who move into a town.

Creating a presentable live stream is extremely important. A live video streaming provider can be of great help here. Pastors may not be well-versed with the technology requirements for live streaming and can easily hire a service provider to do the proper setup. It takes more than a camera and a computer: having the right gear along with a workable network connection is essential.

Live streaming equipment

A camera, a dedicated computer or “streaming appliance,” such as a MATROX MONARCH HD or CEREVO LIVE SHELL PRO, an analog to digital converter and a live streaming partner are crucial for the job. Also, volunteers with an understanding of how all the stuff work together are a must to have.


  • Hi-speed internet access (4 MBS upload or higher)
  • Camera (1080i or 720p at 30 FPS)
  • Computer or streaming appliance
  • Volunteers who are consistent
  • A reliable Live Streaming Provider

It is good to note that not just any old computer would work. It has to be a dedicated computer with the best configuration required for streaming.8GB RAM and solid state hard drive should be minimum configuration to ensure faster access. CPU with 2.4 GHz or higher.A new computer should be chosen preferably. A separate computer should be used to run any operation or presentation software while streaming is going on. These are essential to ensure a smooth user experience for those who are watching the services the services online for the first time.

An analog to digital audio/video converter is also crucial to ensure a better viewing experience. Camera used for the service should be high-quality.Shots taken should look good. A professional live streaming provider would know the correct lighting and perfect camera angle for the best shot.

The internet

Having a dedicated network line for the streamed signal is essential. In addition to that, the upload speed should be good enough to let the things go smoothly.  We recommend 4 MBS of upload capacity or higher.  Enough bandwidth is important to ensure a glitch-free viewing experience for all users.

Right equipment and a professional live video streaming provider can make a big difference in the quality of church streaming. A high-quality stream can boost attendance and garner immense positive response.

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“Transfer up to 30 megabits per second of 1080p video from the cameras to the SlingStudio and then send any size stream out over the internet to your Worship Channels (global CDN) account.  Handy tools in the Console app make mixing and switching easy!”  -Shawn West, President, Worship Channels


The internet has set many trends and webcasting is one of the most widely used and popular new trend.

What’s a webcast you ask?  It’s the global transmission of an audio & video signal distributed through the internet – and it can be LIVE or ON DEMAND. Webcasting requires using streaming media, push technology and a webcam. The technology is now quite commonly used for personal, official as well as religious purposes. Sporting events, church services, music concerts, red carpet premieres, press conferences and other events are webcasted commonly.

The best thing about live streaming is it makes you feel “connected” no matter the distance.  Is someone in your family getting married this year?  It’s cheaper than one airline ticket to broadcast the wedding ceremony to every family member scattered around the world.  Geographic location is no longer a barrier to attending life’s most precious occasions.  No matter how many miles away you are, you won’t miss any family gathering, reunion and wedding. From its increasing popularity, benefits, and ease-of use, it is evident that webcasting is here to stay.

While the trend is quite popular among churches for online streaming of events of other occasions, corporate and businesses also use live streaming to conduct conferences, online presentations, and product launches. They even use the technology to advertise their products and services through live events. Companies are giving traditional seminars a back seat and adopting webinarsfor branding and similar purposes. Did your event sell out its’ tickets for the limited number of seats allowed in the venue?  Then open up the live stream and sell more tickets by giving folks who wanted to come the added opportunity to attend the event “virtually” by watching the live stream.  It’s almost like opening up the annex hall and piping in the show from the main room for folks to watch on big screen TV’s.  Only the folks are watching from their computer, tables, Smart TV’s in their living room.

A webcast is an easy tool to gather your audience together in real time.The only thing you have to do is to choose a good and reliable service provider.

A team like Worship Channels, who has been awarded for their online live streaming tools for churches, make webcasting simple for their customers. The tech support team at Worship Channelspay considerable attention to their customers and are available to them at any time.

Webcasting refers to broadcasting a video and audio signal over the internet. The broadcasting may be of any type or information or content.  Simply point your camera at something interesting and start webcasting to the world.  In this type of webcast, transmission is done live, that is, it is being broadcast as it is happening.

The internet is the most popular mode for communication. Billions of people all over the world are connected through the internet. Therefore, sharing any information through this media ensures that scores of people watch the transmission. Webcasts helps people attend any event “virtually” in real time.  A persons’ physical location is no longer an inhibition to whether or not they can attend an event.

How is webcasting done?

Live webcasting is a simple process of capturing video & audio with the help of devices like phones, cameras, tablets, etc., and then uploading the video & audio via the internet. This transmission is done with the help of global servers called CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks). The process of webcasting is done in five steps:

  1. Capturing the content:Using the appropriate equipmentto capture the information that is to be broadcast.
  2. Converting the content: The video and audio signals are prepared for uploading to the internet with the help of a cable (HDMI) or convertor box as the signal is fed into a PC or laptop or streaming appliance.
  3. Encoding the signal: Software is used to prepare the signal into a type that can is suited for live streaming, typically an H.264 or H.265 formatted video file (with AAC stereo audio).
  4. Uploading to the internet: The encoded content is transferred over the internet via the broadcaster’s ISP (Internet Service Provider) to a CDN’s global servers.
  5. Broadcast: The content received by the servers is broadcasted to multiple server nodes who, in turn, distribute the video & audio to all online viewers worldwide.

Where do you begin webcasting?

There are several websites available for the purpose of webcasting. Some sites even avail users of free webcasting, where the users can broadcast without paying anything. But these sites may not provide the best streaming quality. One of the best webcasting sites is If church events need to be broadcasted, then this is the best website to visit and get started with live streaming.

Streaming Videos – an introduction

Streaming video services refer to the ability to bring video content directly to the end user. Live streaming video services are broadcasts which are delivered to the public instantly, so that viewers can see what’s going on in real time. This method of streaming video sharing is gaining popularity among churches large and small.

The process is analternative to file downloading. Streaming video downloads were popular in the recent past. One major advantage to that is, the end user can download the entire video file to their computer or device’s hard drive at one time and watch it at their leisure.  If you don’t want to watch the entire program at one viewing, you can stop/pause the video and come back to it at a later date.

Streaming Videos – the technology behind the magic

Though streaming video can seem to be a complicated technology, regardless of whether the video is live or downloadable file, many streaming providers can handle the entire process for you. Luckily, such reliable live video streaming service providers have the necessary infrastructure similar to radio or television networks, to bring your video content to a wide variety of viewers around the world, and at lightning speed. One such provider of both live streaming and video on demand services is Worship Channels.  It is interesting to note that this particular service provider has become one of most sought after providers of the last decade, since the technology has taken off.

Challenges with such formats

As manyexperts agree, there are several challenges in relation to the live delivery of video services. These kinds of services are available through the internet. This in turn requires a good internet connection with consistent access to hi-speed bandwidth from your local ISP (internet service provider). Intermittent transmission can cause extreme irritation and experts suggest that you should have a proper infrastructure to access such streaming video services. Successful transmission of your broadcast will require a high quality video camera, appropriate computer or streaming appliance hardware interface, along with stereo audio. You can visit, in order to know more about the technicalities and delivery options.

Are you in search of a means which will enable you to stream your event all over the world? If you are searching for a live streaming provider it is best to have the service of companies who work each day with churches who are considering a live streaming video service. You may be thinking “Why have such a service?” Just continue reading and you will know the necessity of having such a service.

Live broadcast of your event

Any event that you may be having at your church will be able to be broadcast live throughout the world within seconds of it actually happening. The broadcast can be seen by all those who have broadband connection, mobile devices and tablets.  The quality of the video will be excellent as these companies use the most modern technologies available.

Help is there at all times

The customer support and the analytics which this live video streaming provider will provide will help you to understand your audience better.  You will be able to who is watching you and from where.  This is valuable information and can help you make the most of your new online ministry at the church.

Affordable plans

There are various plans that these companies offer. You can choose according to your affordability.  Many of the plans grow as your online ministry grows.  Typically, your monthly cost for live streaming your weekly church services is no more than the cost of a monthly cell phone bill.  Yes, it’s that affordable!

Best customer support to help you

There may be a problem while you are live streaming your church service. The customer care that we offer will enable you to overcome any nature of problem that you may face. We are available around the clock and our knowledgeable technicians will enable you to have the best service possible.  And we are staffed on Sunday’s too for your convenience!

If you wish to have such live streaming video service then you need to be with

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