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Question:  How does live streaming work?
Answer:  With a camera, a computer and a high speed internet connection you can broadcast your church services to people all around the world. Worship Channels is the global leader in live streaming for churches with over 5,000 servers spread around the globe. We provide a simple-to-use online User Interface (“Channel Controls”) that is accessible from any internet connection.  Our goal is to help you reach new viewers and keep your current church members connected 24/7.

Question: Where can I learn the basics of streaming with Worship Channels?
Answer: We have customer services professionals that guide you through the basics of streaming. Just a few of the tutorial sessions you will receive include an Introduction to Streaming, How to Choose and Use Encoder Software, How to Embed Live Stream Code, How to Use our Award Winning User Interface (Channel Controls,) and Best Streaming Practices for Churches. Also, we have several “Preferred Partners” who offer informative webcasts featuring new products (hardware & software) for enhanced streaming capabilities; See Gear Techs or AVE website for your equipment purchases and installations; a great resource for churches designing a new building or refurbishing their existing sanctuary.

Question: When I sign up with Worship Channels, do I get continued technical support?

Answer:  Yes, all of our tech support is FREE.  We take pride in providing great customer service. Our motto is: WE TRAIN, WE TROUBLESHOOT & WE TEACH. Our support teams are available 24/7. And it’s all FREE.

Question: What equipment is necessary  to broadcast our live stream?
Answer: You need a computer (Quad core, 8 GB RAM), an Internet connection (1.5 Mbps of upload capacity), a video camera and possibly a video capture device or convertor box to get the live streaming video signal into your computer.

Question: Can we embed our video stream on our own church website?
Answer: Yes. We provide both the new style iFrame codes and old style embed codes for you to enable your viewers to see your Worship Channel’s video player on your existing church website. We can also create a Facebook live streaming page on your existing church’s Facebook account.

Question: How much does a monthly membership plan cost?
Answer: Pick the plan that’s right for you. We have monthly memberships that start at just $99 per month. We have pricing for any size church. Big or small, we offer it all.

Question: Are there any setup fees?
Answer: None! We have a free 30-day trial, so sign up today, and start streaming tomorrow!  Also, there are no contracts or commitments.  And we have no third party advertising interrupting your church services.

Question: Many of our church members want to use their iPads and iPhones to watch services online, since these mobile devices do not support Flash does your system support iOS (Apple mobile devices?
Answer: Yes, we can enable your live stream to support iOS delivery for FREE.  No problem!

Question: How do I get more information about streaming with Worship Channels?
Answer: Please contact us and a real live person will be in touch with you quickly. Please feel free to visit our website or subscribe to our blog for more information about live streaming for your church. Don’t just stream your church services online – you can create an interactive live web campus! Share on Facebook, Twitter, email and more!

Call toll free 1-855-444-4561 or (509) 981-6883

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Countdown clocks are available to all Worship Channel customers.
Features include:
Custom Colors
Repeat your countdown daily/weekly/monthly or yearly
Change the size and shape of your clock

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