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“I’ve used Livestream and UStream’s Watershed products and I can say with confidence that WorshipChannels beats them all hands-down on all levels of ease-of-use and quality.”               

-Dave Hall, Zion Ideas Productions, Eugene, OR.

Dear Pastor Tim,
We listened and watched the service from home, once again.  Preparing for Christmas has always seemed quite “easy” as we have lit our advent wreath all through the years and taken part in all the services for as long as I can remember.  This year we feel so distant from the all the the sights and sounds that surround us.
The live stream has become more than just something Westminster Presbyterian Church does as outreach.  It has become our connection to worship.  It is a real church experience…not a made for broadcast production.  It has a “grounding” effect as we watch keeping  “us in the loop”.   The beauty of the season is seen outside our windows today…and was also seen in the service we watched on our computer this a.m.!
Thank you…Nancy and Jim

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