There are several ways for a church to display their “pre-recorded church services” online, otherwise known as “video-on-demand” (aka “vod”).

3rd Party Provider option:

Some of the more popular ways are; YouTube and Vimeo.  With these companies, you simply create an account (or “channel”) for your church, then use their online system to upload & post videos for viewing.  Those companies will give a unique web address (also known as a “URL” or “weblink”) and you may put a button on your church website for viewers to click the button and be taken to the web address (URL) online.  Then your viewers would simply click on the button and be taken to the “web channel” to see a listing (or thumbnail photos) of videos that are available to view.  Viewers can locate the video they wish to watch, and press the “play” button.

Church website option:

Other churches like to post videos onto their existing  church websites.  This way, viewers don’t have to go to a secular third party provider, or feel like they’ve left the church website to watch videos.  Your church’s web master should easily be able to help you “embed” videos onto a dedicated webpage on your church website using simple HTML code.

 Our company, Worship Channels, provides 3 main products;

1) live streaming (you may embed our video players onto your church website or use our hosted web channel pages)

2) video-on-demand (on our own-hosted web pages)

3) custom website creation with built-in live streaming and “video-on-demand”


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