Worship Channels has a distinct advantage with regards to web casting. First off, being able to live stream your church services empowers the user to have an up-close-and-personal experience with a large number of individuals. In allowing the public to view the weekly church services, we can demonstrate our regular life, and show in practical terms that our Christian life is genuinely similar to our viewing audience. This is a unique chance to make a genuine association with the audience.

FACTOID:  A young married couple new to town will watch a church’s live stream an average of 6 times before deciding whether or not to set foot inside the church building. 

Worship Channels is the ideal open door for churches wishing to grow.

Live streaming with Worship Channels is available to any Church who needs to communicate in a cost-effective way.  The way the viewers see a specific video can be customized-this is entirely vital for churches and other organizations, who wish to deploy their own logo and cultural character.  There is always the ability to make a private channel, always without any promotions, for inter-office utilize and correspondence. This is great for private church board meetings.  The webcast can be attended by as many individuals as you’d like and can be see (publicly or privately) around the world.

For more information, please call us at any time:  1-509-981-6883  or email info@worshipchannels.com