Sunday morning checklist:

  1. Check your bandwidth. Make sure you have enough!
  2. 30 minutes before: Run a sound check with full complement of mics, instruments and volume.
  3. Start streaming at least 15 minutes before the service starts. Most online viewers will logon early (while they check their facebook pages, etc.).
  4. Make the pre-service live stream interesting. Run some videos (welcome message from Pastor), announcements, slides, soft music, etc.
  5. Keep in mind that the live stream audience is having a different (special) experience that those of your in-person attendees. Meet and greet the online audience in the same ways.  Say hello to them on the chat room.  Take a poll, tweet, post, share via social media, take a prayer request, etc.
  6. During the service, as the pastor greets those new comers, and generally welcomes the church membership, remind the pastor to acknowledge the online audience, and say something warm and welcoming to them. Super important!
  7. Monitor the live stream in real time. Is the volume of the worship band way louder than that volume of the pastor? Etc.  Is the lighting bright enough?
  8. Lower your bandwidth manually in real-time, if your internet connection pipeline decreases. For example.  Start out with 950 kbps, if you see issues, lower it to 750 kbps, then 550 kbps and finally 350 kbps (we don’t recommend going any lower).
  9. Wardrobe notes: Encourage folks to avoid stripes, plaids and monochrome colors.  Best to use solid contrasting colors.  Avoid all white shirts. The cameras hate it!
  10. At the end of the service, please acknowledge the online audience (via the webpage) with a slide or image that says “Thank you for joining us. Our next service will be ———–.”

Additionally, here’s a super video that discusses most of the technical items you’ll need to be aware of as you incorporate live streaming:  Totally worth watching!

Shawn West is the President of Worship Channels and a church technology consultant/expert.  Email questions anytime:  or call:  1-509-981-6883