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Despite the fact that telecommuting has a lot of benefits, it also has some drawbacks.  Such as, a lack of normal in-person interaction with other staff members and business associates. While the current HR trend in discontinuing telecommuting is generally disliked, it’s still an alluring benefit for most full time office workers.  The same hi-tech evolution that made telecommuting a typical option has also made recent improvements that bring far-flung workers together in more interpersonal ways than ever before. When it comes to free webcasting, these new technologies makes in person communications an easy matter of point, click, and smile.

Now the question is; What exactly is webcasting? Basically, webcasting encompasses the use of software for streaming live audio as well as video. Let’s take for instance; if you have ever used Skype or Apple’s Face time for video chatting with a friend or family member, you have taken part in a fundamental webcast. In the same way, if you have ever watched a live event on your PC or logged into a live video conference, then you have involved yourself in a webcast.

As a matter of fact, an effective webcasting platform is able to bring your whole team together no matter where individuals are located. Whether a small team is required to work together on an impending project or you have to send a video presentation to all the international staff, it is possible with webcasting.  And you do all this with full action video and crystal clear audio.  Imagine everyone you need to make a decision or see a presentation are available to you at any time anywhere around the world.  This technology makes geographic location an obsolete element to your company’s success. The only thing you have to worry about is the Time Zone of those you are webcasting to.

Without any doubt, video gives a new dimension to communication & visual cues. For instance, while your workers could definitely work together with voice or text based equipment, they are unable to understand each other’s body language. In addition, this can be in particular vital when workers belong to different backgrounds. So, we can say that a simple smile or gesticulation can defeat language obstacles.  With webcasting clearer communication and intentions can easily be discerned by simply watching the other persons’ body language.  Now you don’t have to guess what someone meant only by what they said.  Because you can see them say it on screen as if they were in the room with you.

For example, facial expressions pass on a lot of details that is missing when you are communicating on a phone call or through email. What is more, being able to notice one’s lips move while speaking greatly assists listeners to better recognize what the person is saying, in particular, if the speaker has a heavy tone of voice or the listener has hearing problems.

Also, while we spend more time detached from the office, webcasting can also help in building stronger bonds with our colleagues and other business associates. Where emails can appear as challenging or unfriendly-video conferences show that there is a genuine person on the other end ready and eager to help. Furthermore, webcasts are great for initial meetings and project launches as well as using them to bring the future workforce up to speed.

It’s good to say that the possibilities are almost limitless. In case your staff is separated by location, you can organize or bring them together with a company wide live webcasting solution.


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Do you know just how much media matters to the world in our present day and age? It easy to see how instant messaging of photos, videos and music via popular social networking sites are the highlight of your daily life.  In fact, a new standard is being set and, believe it or not, a lot of churches are leading the way by using the most recent technology to keep church members connected and communicating in ways never thought possible before.

Live streaming

For folks who are sick or unable to attend a church service, they can attend church virtually via live church streaming.  Also, with the advent of podcasting they can subscribe to church services (via RSS feeds) and listen from their PC or mobile device.  Whether video or audio, the procedures these days are simple and any church can control the quality and content with the use of a computer and some simple software, generating superior looking & sounding production quality.  The live church service is now the first and foremost priority, according to many church planners and leaders.  Live streaming ensures growth and builds community awareness for churches of all sizes.  Cost wise, if you can afford to add a mobile cell phone to the church’s annual budget, then you can add a live streaming provider.  Worshp Channels is a well-known and popular hosting service for churches around the world.

Wireless systems

And speaking of great sound quality, when it comes to wireless microphones, there are more than an ample variety these days to choose from.  Handheld mics and over-the-ear mics for pastors and priests give them the ability to be more mobile and leave the stage area makes their message more compelling and pertinent to their audience.  Also, adding inner ear monitors are a great new trend in churches around the world.  The reason is clear (pun intended).  Getting rid of those large and ugly floor monitors can be a great way to remove unnecessary room noise and ear-piercing feedback.  A complete wireless system can be expensive however. You can buy complete wireless sound reinforcement and monitor systems, but you just need to bear in mind that many of the latest tools you may require additional resources to ensure proper use.  And you may need to re-train your volunteers to become experts on using these new technologies efficiently and to their full potential.

HD implementation

What is more, church media leaders are also starting to make use of HD tools; 7.1 surround sound, 4K cameras and high resolution live stream technologies.  As most broadcasting and video is now in HD, the future of church media will include an entire HD experience from start to finish.

The future

As technologies keep changing, the church will aim to be more cutting edge and forward-thinking than ever.  Keeping up may be hard, but efforts to provide excellence in the church in all areas of media will always be our goal.

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