You must have noticed that the major social media platforms have added live streaming functionalities. This has been done under a strategy to help users bolster brand presence and drive revenue. Live videos are quick to attract users on social media and trigger engagement with a wider reach.

In the past few years, live streaming for churches has also increased in demand. After all, people should be able to worship God from anywhere in the world. Technology has enabled churches to reach a wider audience than before. Those who cannot attend Sunday services find a live streaming video service quite useful. In fact, these videos can also be shared on social media platform to further increase its reach and engagement.

Live streaming service providers are helping churches worldwide expand the reach of teachings through broadcasting. This is an effective way to spread messages to anywhere. Matthew 28:19

Why live streaming for churches?

Sometimes it is not possible for people to physically attend a church service despite a strong willingness to do so. This is where they prefer to use live streaming and feel those feelings of actually being there. In addition, churches can accommodate more people without having to worry about the physical building space.  Added parking spaces, printing more bulletins, lights, water, electricity…it all adds up!  $$$

Video On Demand services

Whether or not users have been able to attend an event, they can be a part of it without having to travel. They can also watch the videos later on, as many times as they would like.  Uploading the videos to social media helps reach more people and assists in community engagement.

Fund raising

A reliable Live streaming video service can also be useful for fund raising.  Churches can sponsor many noble causes through fund raising by live streaming their events.

Providers like Worship Channels offers live streaming video service to enable churches connect the community to God.