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How to stream your church services?

Church live streaming is not uncommon in today’s digital world. It is useful for people who are unable to attend church functions due to factors like distance, disability, age, etc. Thanks to technology developments within the past few years, church live streaming tools have become quite common and accessible. Once the set-up has been done, you can start live streaming in no time at all.

Live streaming

It is not an unheard term nowadays. Simply put, live streaming is all about recording and broadcasting an event in real-time online, allowing people to watch, share and interact in real-time from anywhere in the world.  Isn’t it wonderful that there’s no limit on how many people can “virtually attend” a church service without the requirement to be physically inside the church building?  The Worship experience is valuable, even from far away.  The confession of sins and the re-dedication of ones’ life to Christ is no less real if you’re doing it in your dorm room or at the altar*.

Why live stream church services?

Holy places of worship have limitations on how many people can physically fit inside the physical space of the building.  Worshiping from across the room or watching from across town has become the norm on many church campuses today.  In fact, in many cases, it is easier to interact and respond to the call of the Holy Spirit online than it is inside the church sanctuary.  Many people do not let the Holy Spirit move them to accept Christ because they feel like they are “in the spotlight” during a church service-being asked to walk the aisle or raise their hands.  These days, a simple click of the mouse (to accept Christ) is a much more comfortable and intuitive reaction to the message from the Pastor.  For those people who find it difficult to visit a church due to physical disability and other reasons, live streaming is a great alternative.  Live streaming provides the easiest and simplest way to take part in important services without being physically present.  Apart from this there remains no limitations on how many people will fit in the space. Online broadcasting allows an infinite number of attendees to participate in an event.

It is important to make sure that people, regardless of location, feel close to the church and enjoy the fellowship via these new and affordable online tools.  Hebrews 10:25

How to stream your church services?

There are a few essentials to get started. A few components you need to make the most of the technology:


Camera of your smartphone, laptop or a professional camcorder can help capture and record the event. Depending upon your budget and the audience base, you can arrange an online server provider (in the cloud) to do digital recordings of the event–image and sound.

Perfect lighting

Lighting is essential to ensure clear broadcasting and better viewing. While candlelight and shadows may create a holy atmosphere, they may not provide enough lighting for live streaming. Better lighting is essential for great streaming.

High-speed internet connectivity

Live streaming requires high-speed internet connections which can offer 10MB of download capacity and 5MB upload.  Check your internet speed here

Technology provider

A reliable technology partner is essential to help share the responsibility to ensure success of your new live streaming ministry.  Choose a Christian-owned and operated company to assist you.  Not only can they help you choose the right equipment, but they should also be able to provide a global platform to distribute your event broadcast and they should also provide 24/7 tech support to assist you with personal help when needed.  One such provider is

*Quote from Shawn West, President of Worship Channels, a world leader of new church technologies.


Webcasting refers to broadcasting a video and audio signal over the internet. The broadcasting may be of any type or information or content.  Simply point your camera at something interesting and start webcasting to the world.  In this type of webcast, transmission is done live, that is, it is being broadcast as it is happening.

The internet is the most popular mode for communication. Billions of people all over the world are connected through the internet. Therefore, sharing any information through this media ensures that scores of people watch the transmission. Webcasts helps people attend any event “virtually” in real time.  A persons’ physical location is no longer an inhibition to whether or not they can attend an event.

How is webcasting done?

Live webcasting is a simple process of capturing video & audio with the help of devices like phones, cameras, tablets, etc., and then uploading the video & audio via the internet. This transmission is done with the help of global servers called CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks). The process of webcasting is done in five steps:

  1. Capturing the content:Using the appropriate equipmentto capture the information that is to be broadcast.
  2. Converting the content: The video and audio signals are prepared for uploading to the internet with the help of a cable (HDMI) or convertor box as the signal is fed into a PC or laptop or streaming appliance.
  3. Encoding the signal: Software is used to prepare the signal into a type that can is suited for live streaming, typically an H.264 or H.265 formatted video file (with AAC stereo audio).
  4. Uploading to the internet: The encoded content is transferred over the internet via the broadcaster’s ISP (Internet Service Provider) to a CDN’s global servers.
  5. Broadcast: The content received by the servers is broadcasted to multiple server nodes who, in turn, distribute the video & audio to all online viewers worldwide.

Where do you begin webcasting?

There are several websites available for the purpose of webcasting. Some sites even avail users of free webcasting, where the users can broadcast without paying anything. But these sites may not provide the best streaming quality. One of the best webcasting sites is If church events need to be broadcasted, then this is the best website to visit and get started with live streaming.

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