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You must have noticed that the major social media platforms have added live streaming functionalities. This has been done under a strategy to help users bolster brand presence and drive revenue. Live videos are quick to attract users on social media and trigger engagement with a wider reach.

In the past few years, live streaming for churches has also increased in demand. After all, people should be able to worship God from anywhere in the world. Technology has enabled churches to reach a wider audience than before. Those who cannot attend Sunday services find a live streaming video service quite useful. In fact, these videos can also be shared on social media platform to further increase its reach and engagement.

Live streaming service providers are helping churches worldwide expand the reach of teachings through broadcasting. This is an effective way to spread messages to anywhere. Matthew 28:19

Why live streaming for churches?

Sometimes it is not possible for people to physically attend a church service despite a strong willingness to do so. This is where they prefer to use live streaming and feel those feelings of actually being there. In addition, churches can accommodate more people without having to worry about the physical building space.  Added parking spaces, printing more bulletins, lights, water, electricity…it all adds up!  $$$

Video On Demand services

Whether or not users have been able to attend an event, they can be a part of it without having to travel. They can also watch the videos later on, as many times as they would like.  Uploading the videos to social media helps reach more people and assists in community engagement.

Fund raising

A reliable Live streaming video service can also be useful for fund raising.  Churches can sponsor many noble causes through fund raising by live streaming their events.

Providers like Worship Channels offers live streaming video service to enable churches connect the community to God.


How to stream your church services?

Church live streaming is not uncommon in today’s digital world. It is useful for people who are unable to attend church functions due to factors like distance, disability, age, etc. Thanks to technology developments within the past few years, church live streaming tools have become quite common and accessible. Once the set-up has been done, you can start live streaming in no time at all.

Live streaming

It is not an unheard term nowadays. Simply put, live streaming is all about recording and broadcasting an event in real-time online, allowing people to watch, share and interact in real-time from anywhere in the world.  Isn’t it wonderful that there’s no limit on how many people can “virtually attend” a church service without the requirement to be physically inside the church building?  The Worship experience is valuable, even from far away.  The confession of sins and the re-dedication of ones’ life to Christ is no less real if you’re doing it in your dorm room or at the altar*.

Why live stream church services?

Holy places of worship have limitations on how many people can physically fit inside the physical space of the building.  Worshiping from across the room or watching from across town has become the norm on many church campuses today.  In fact, in many cases, it is easier to interact and respond to the call of the Holy Spirit online than it is inside the church sanctuary.  Many people do not let the Holy Spirit move them to accept Christ because they feel like they are “in the spotlight” during a church service-being asked to walk the aisle or raise their hands.  These days, a simple click of the mouse (to accept Christ) is a much more comfortable and intuitive reaction to the message from the Pastor.  For those people who find it difficult to visit a church due to physical disability and other reasons, live streaming is a great alternative.  Live streaming provides the easiest and simplest way to take part in important services without being physically present.  Apart from this there remains no limitations on how many people will fit in the space. Online broadcasting allows an infinite number of attendees to participate in an event.

It is important to make sure that people, regardless of location, feel close to the church and enjoy the fellowship via these new and affordable online tools.  Hebrews 10:25

How to stream your church services?

There are a few essentials to get started. A few components you need to make the most of the technology:


Camera of your smartphone, laptop or a professional camcorder can help capture and record the event. Depending upon your budget and the audience base, you can arrange an online server provider (in the cloud) to do digital recordings of the event–image and sound.

Perfect lighting

Lighting is essential to ensure clear broadcasting and better viewing. While candlelight and shadows may create a holy atmosphere, they may not provide enough lighting for live streaming. Better lighting is essential for great streaming.

High-speed internet connectivity

Live streaming requires high-speed internet connections which can offer 10MB of download capacity and 5MB upload.  Check your internet speed here

Technology provider

A reliable technology partner is essential to help share the responsibility to ensure success of your new live streaming ministry.  Choose a Christian-owned and operated company to assist you.  Not only can they help you choose the right equipment, but they should also be able to provide a global platform to distribute your event broadcast and they should also provide 24/7 tech support to assist you with personal help when needed.  One such provider is

*Quote from Shawn West, President of Worship Channels, a world leader of new church technologies.

Live streaming has taken the world by storm. It is not only church services and big conference events that are live streamed, but real-life events like weddings, funerals and other occasions are also streamed online for loved ones who cannot attend in person. Nowadays, even small churches want to stream their events. Thanks to the internet for bringing this revolutionary change.

Pastors are interested in live streaming for some serious benefits that it has to offer. The majority of new people who intend to visit a church, watch services online for an average of 6 weeks before stepping foot in the church.  So, live streaming proves to be an incredible tool to connect with new people who move into a town.

Creating a presentable live stream is extremely important. A live video streaming provider can be of great help here. Pastors may not be well-versed with the technology requirements for live streaming and can easily hire a service provider to do the proper setup. It takes more than a camera and a computer: having the right gear along with a workable network connection is essential.

Live streaming equipment

A camera, a dedicated computer or “streaming appliance,” such as a MATROX MONARCH HD or CEREVO LIVE SHELL PRO, an analog to digital converter and a live streaming partner are crucial for the job. Also, volunteers with an understanding of how all the stuff work together are a must to have.


  • Hi-speed internet access (4 MBS upload or higher)
  • Camera (1080i or 720p at 30 FPS)
  • Computer or streaming appliance
  • Volunteers who are consistent
  • A reliable Live Streaming Provider

It is good to note that not just any old computer would work. It has to be a dedicated computer with the best configuration required for streaming.8GB RAM and solid state hard drive should be minimum configuration to ensure faster access. CPU with 2.4 GHz or higher.A new computer should be chosen preferably. A separate computer should be used to run any operation or presentation software while streaming is going on. These are essential to ensure a smooth user experience for those who are watching the services the services online for the first time.

An analog to digital audio/video converter is also crucial to ensure a better viewing experience. Camera used for the service should be high-quality.Shots taken should look good. A professional live streaming provider would know the correct lighting and perfect camera angle for the best shot.

The internet

Having a dedicated network line for the streamed signal is essential. In addition to that, the upload speed should be good enough to let the things go smoothly.  We recommend 4 MBS of upload capacity or higher.  Enough bandwidth is important to ensure a glitch-free viewing experience for all users.

Right equipment and a professional live video streaming provider can make a big difference in the quality of church streaming. A high-quality stream can boost attendance and garner immense positive response.

Streaming Videos – an introduction

Streaming video services refer to the ability to bring video content directly to the end user. Live streaming video services are broadcasts which are delivered to the public instantly, so that viewers can see what’s going on in real time. This method of streaming video sharing is gaining popularity among churches large and small.

The process is analternative to file downloading. Streaming video downloads were popular in the recent past. One major advantage to that is, the end user can download the entire video file to their computer or device’s hard drive at one time and watch it at their leisure.  If you don’t want to watch the entire program at one viewing, you can stop/pause the video and come back to it at a later date.

Streaming Videos – the technology behind the magic

Though streaming video can seem to be a complicated technology, regardless of whether the video is live or downloadable file, many streaming providers can handle the entire process for you. Luckily, such reliable live video streaming service providers have the necessary infrastructure similar to radio or television networks, to bring your video content to a wide variety of viewers around the world, and at lightning speed. One such provider of both live streaming and video on demand services is Worship Channels.  It is interesting to note that this particular service provider has become one of most sought after providers of the last decade, since the technology has taken off.

Challenges with such formats

As manyexperts agree, there are several challenges in relation to the live delivery of video services. These kinds of services are available through the internet. This in turn requires a good internet connection with consistent access to hi-speed bandwidth from your local ISP (internet service provider). Intermittent transmission can cause extreme irritation and experts suggest that you should have a proper infrastructure to access such streaming video services. Successful transmission of your broadcast will require a high quality video camera, appropriate computer or streaming appliance hardware interface, along with stereo audio. You can visit, in order to know more about the technicalities and delivery options.

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