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Simple tools to begin live streaming your church services;

  • 2 X HD Sport Cams
  • 1 HDMI video switcher
  • Live Shell Pro Encoder
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WORSHIP CHANNELS, live streaming made simple™

Live streaming made simple

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Professional multi-camera production and live video streaming made easy!

Get started for as low as $999


“Transfer up to 30 megabits per second of 1080p video from the cameras to the SlingStudio and then send any size stream out over the internet to your Worship Channels (global CDN) account.  Handy tools in the Console app make mixing and switching easy!”  -Shawn West, President, Worship Channels


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“Offer a front row seat to your all spectators by a reliable live webcasting solution”

With recent progress in high-speed internet connections as well as broadband capabilities in rural areas it is possible to webcast any kind of events a live stream. Have you ever had to work on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night?  Have you been traveling over the weekend and cannot attend church or a wedding?  Your geographical location is no longer a limitation to whether or not you can attend.  Our live video streaming solutions will now provide you a front row seat to the most significant events of your life.

New free technology for webcasting

  • With our new technology, you can propel your message to a wide audience faster and with higher quality than ever before.  You online audience can be made to feel like they are virtually attending a live church service, wedding, funeral or any other important event. Live Broadcasting with free webcasting software supports for both live as well as recorded events.  Our Live video streaming solutions permit a user to produce a live broadcast in real-time, then archive the video file from that webcast for future viewing  on the internet by your targeted audience.
  • Additionally, there’s no limit to what you can live stream.  This streaming solution can be utilized to transmit your band’s concert, or your high school’s football game, your company’s training session or anything else you can think of. There is no any additional hardware require for the live streaming of any kind of events live. All you require is a free webcasting streaming software account or a video camera (either a webcam or a camcorder that has webcam capabilities) as well as a broadband Internet connection.

Our streaming quality is superior, with no choppiness; transmit drops, or tremendous buffering. Our CDN is the most reliable in the world, with an over 98.8% continual global distribution record. Our Live streaming technology distributes the live broadcasts from “any point-to any point” around the globe.  End-users will be able to pick up the video feed nearest to them.  We have over 200,000 delivery nodes (servers) spaced evenly around the world-delivering the most outstanding streaming performance for each region.

Don’t wait, call us today!  1-509-981-6883  Or email:


Live Webcasting is the simple use of a  camera and encoding software (or hardware) to capture your church service, conference or another important event. Internet  broadcasting of your program via web casting software such as Wirecast can easily expand the online attendance of your events in remarkable ways. Whatever event you wish to live stream, you can also watch it afterwords by downloading the archived video file and posting it to any other online platform for repeat viewing.  This will allow your video content to gain more popularity and a larger audience.

Experience the Live Webcasting

If you are a church or a business/service provider for churches, you can contact us for free webcasting and create your own live stream. We will publish your event and help you reach your desired audience. If you need technical help, Worship Channel will provide you the most efficient webcasting service. Worship Channels is the leader providing live streaming services to churches all around the world. Connect with your audience 24/7.  Get efficient customer service around the clock. You can also customize your channel. We offer a live interface for users anywhere in the world.

Worship Channels 509-981-6883

If it is important to you to stay connected to your church by attending services on a regular basis you can do so with live streaming. Remember that commercial slogan, “It’s the next best thing to being there?”  Well, wherever you are based, when you use today’s current technology it has become much easier to stay connected and actually (virtually) attend your church service online via a live stream.  Church services are meant to bring spiritual peopletogether, so that worshippers can have the feeling and experience in real time. Churches are getting themselves updated with the current technology and quickly entering the modern age.  Did you know that only just a decade ago, the majority of churches in America did not even have an internet connection to the building?  In fact, you might say that we have now entered a new Golden Age for religion and worship.

What Are The Uses Of Live Streaming Of Church Services

You are the best judge of finding the most suitable way of how to stream your church services to your congregation.

  • If you can successfully broadcast the church service, then you can have all your members irrespective of whether they are stuck home, sick or traveling, attend the sermons. Geography is no longer a barrier to attending a church service.  If you can’t get to church, let “church” come to you!
  • This is especially useful for older and infirmed people who, in spite of their wish to actively participate in their faith community, cannot do so due to age and weakness.
  • The live church streaming would also give those who rarely go to church, the opportunity to watch the services from home, thus giving them a safe introductory experience to what it’s like at your church. Did you know that a young couple who have just moved into a town will virtually attend your church services an average of 6 times online before deciding whether or not to walk into the church building?
  • Live streaming of church services also allows the priceless sermons and special events to remain recorded forever. This helps those who have missed a preaching, pageant or baptism, to watch it replayed at a later date.
  • This provides a much greater opportunity to people all over the world to attend church services, and provides them with a flexibility which they have never had before. Remember the Great Commission?  Go and tell the whole world of the good news of Jesus Christ.  Now you can.

At you can get the best streaming technology for your church services.

Worship Channels 509-981-6883

How to stream your church services

As many of you readers already know, many different kinds of equipment are required to run a smooth church service. Also, many volunteers are required to be trained to run the equipment.  So the right technology service provider should be chosen to assist the church, train the volunteers and provide equipment & consulting for the church. With so many activities taking place in the church such as weekly services, marriages, baptism, prayermeetings, masses, etc., it is imperative for the folks in charge to provide the best possible experience for all live, recorded and online events for people to enjoy.  The goal should be excellence in the delivery of sound, video, images, projection and the online broadcast.  Moreover, the experience should be the same for people outside the building as it is for people inside the building.  For every instance during the service, whether it’ssinging hymns as a congregation, soloists, instrumentalists and worship bands, each require specific equipment to deliver high-quality sound reinforcement, recording and delivery.  And choosing the right equipment can be more challenging than the week-to-week operation of the equipment.  Same goes for digital video equipment.  Many service providers provide online church services. Today, the services that are conducted weekly in the church are broadcasted on television and online to Christians all across the world.  HD cameras, high-end computers, sophisticated streaming box are integrated to broadcast the church service for millions to enjoy.  In this article How to stream your church services we are helping churches around the world successfully navigate the many of choices and options by providing consultation at every level from Beginner to Pro.

We help churches learn the basics of streaming so that they can broadcast their services to large masses at a time. Our technology professionals provide training to our customers (and users) by conducting tutorial sessions so that they can master the basics of streaming.

We teach about different disciplines such as embedding live stream code, using encoder software, using our user interface, and learning thebest practices of churches. We also provide information about the many features pertaining to webcasts which include different hardware and software products. We also provide installation services to churches.  This is especially handy when a church is designing a new building or improving their present sanctuary.

Additionally, High-speed internet connections should be used to provide uninterrupted broadcasting of the church service. A local video capture device is also an important piece to the equipment puzzle.  Software specially designed to encode and compress video for online streaming is equally a necessity.  After the church service is broadcast and the video file recorded, the videos can be stored on a global server.  These videos are displayed online by service providers such as Worship Channels.  The live video stream can be embedded by two ways namely by using the embedding codes of old fashion html code (javascript) or by using the new fashion i-frame codes.  Find out more information at  or call 1-509-981-6883 or email:

Worship Channels 509-981-6883_call_now

Do you know just how much media matters to the world in our present day and age? It easy to see how instant messaging of photos, videos and music via popular social networking sites are the highlight of your daily life.  In fact, a new standard is being set and, believe it or not, a lot of churches are leading the way by using the most recent technology to keep church members connected and communicating in ways never thought possible before.

Live streaming

For folks who are sick or unable to attend a church service, they can attend church virtually via live church streaming.  Also, with the advent of podcasting they can subscribe to church services (via RSS feeds) and listen from their PC or mobile device.  Whether video or audio, the procedures these days are simple and any church can control the quality and content with the use of a computer and some simple software, generating superior looking & sounding production quality.  The live church service is now the first and foremost priority, according to many church planners and leaders.  Live streaming ensures growth and builds community awareness for churches of all sizes.  Cost wise, if you can afford to add a mobile cell phone to the church’s annual budget, then you can add a live streaming provider.  Worshp Channels is a well-known and popular hosting service for churches around the world.

Wireless systems

And speaking of great sound quality, when it comes to wireless microphones, there are more than an ample variety these days to choose from.  Handheld mics and over-the-ear mics for pastors and priests give them the ability to be more mobile and leave the stage area makes their message more compelling and pertinent to their audience.  Also, adding inner ear monitors are a great new trend in churches around the world.  The reason is clear (pun intended).  Getting rid of those large and ugly floor monitors can be a great way to remove unnecessary room noise and ear-piercing feedback.  A complete wireless system can be expensive however. You can buy complete wireless sound reinforcement and monitor systems, but you just need to bear in mind that many of the latest tools you may require additional resources to ensure proper use.  And you may need to re-train your volunteers to become experts on using these new technologies efficiently and to their full potential.

HD implementation

What is more, church media leaders are also starting to make use of HD tools; 7.1 surround sound, 4K cameras and high resolution live stream technologies.  As most broadcasting and video is now in HD, the future of church media will include an entire HD experience from start to finish.

The future

As technologies keep changing, the church will aim to be more cutting edge and forward-thinking than ever.  Keeping up may be hard, but efforts to provide excellence in the church in all areas of media will always be our goal.

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