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How to stream your church services?

Church live streaming is not uncommon in today’s digital world. It is useful for people who are unable to attend church functions due to factors like distance, disability, age, etc. Thanks to technology developments within the past few years, church live streaming tools have become quite common and accessible. Once the set-up has been done, you can start live streaming in no time at all.

Live streaming

It is not an unheard term nowadays. Simply put, live streaming is all about recording and broadcasting an event in real-time online, allowing people to watch, share and interact in real-time from anywhere in the world.  Isn’t it wonderful that there’s no limit on how many people can “virtually attend” a church service without the requirement to be physically inside the church building?  The Worship experience is valuable, even from far away.  The confession of sins and the re-dedication of ones’ life to Christ is no less real if you’re doing it in your dorm room or at the altar*.

Why live stream church services?

Holy places of worship have limitations on how many people can physically fit inside the physical space of the building.  Worshiping from across the room or watching from across town has become the norm on many church campuses today.  In fact, in many cases, it is easier to interact and respond to the call of the Holy Spirit online than it is inside the church sanctuary.  Many people do not let the Holy Spirit move them to accept Christ because they feel like they are “in the spotlight” during a church service-being asked to walk the aisle or raise their hands.  These days, a simple click of the mouse (to accept Christ) is a much more comfortable and intuitive reaction to the message from the Pastor.  For those people who find it difficult to visit a church due to physical disability and other reasons, live streaming is a great alternative.  Live streaming provides the easiest and simplest way to take part in important services without being physically present.  Apart from this there remains no limitations on how many people will fit in the space. Online broadcasting allows an infinite number of attendees to participate in an event.

It is important to make sure that people, regardless of location, feel close to the church and enjoy the fellowship via these new and affordable online tools.  Hebrews 10:25

How to stream your church services?

There are a few essentials to get started. A few components you need to make the most of the technology:


Camera of your smartphone, laptop or a professional camcorder can help capture and record the event. Depending upon your budget and the audience base, you can arrange an online server provider (in the cloud) to do digital recordings of the event–image and sound.

Perfect lighting

Lighting is essential to ensure clear broadcasting and better viewing. While candlelight and shadows may create a holy atmosphere, they may not provide enough lighting for live streaming. Better lighting is essential for great streaming.

High-speed internet connectivity

Live streaming requires high-speed internet connections which can offer 10MB of download capacity and 5MB upload.  Check your internet speed here

Technology provider

A reliable technology partner is essential to help share the responsibility to ensure success of your new live streaming ministry.  Choose a Christian-owned and operated company to assist you.  Not only can they help you choose the right equipment, but they should also be able to provide a global platform to distribute your event broadcast and they should also provide 24/7 tech support to assist you with personal help when needed.  One such provider is

*Quote from Shawn West, President of Worship Channels, a world leader of new church technologies.


The internet has set many trends and webcasting is one of the most widely used and popular new trend.

What’s a webcast you ask?  It’s the global transmission of an audio & video signal distributed through the internet – and it can be LIVE or ON DEMAND. Webcasting requires using streaming media, push technology and a webcam. The technology is now quite commonly used for personal, official as well as religious purposes. Sporting events, church services, music concerts, red carpet premieres, press conferences and other events are webcasted commonly.

The best thing about live streaming is it makes you feel “connected” no matter the distance.  Is someone in your family getting married this year?  It’s cheaper than one airline ticket to broadcast the wedding ceremony to every family member scattered around the world.  Geographic location is no longer a barrier to attending life’s most precious occasions.  No matter how many miles away you are, you won’t miss any family gathering, reunion and wedding. From its increasing popularity, benefits, and ease-of use, it is evident that webcasting is here to stay.

While the trend is quite popular among churches for online streaming of events of other occasions, corporate and businesses also use live streaming to conduct conferences, online presentations, and product launches. They even use the technology to advertise their products and services through live events. Companies are giving traditional seminars a back seat and adopting webinarsfor branding and similar purposes. Did your event sell out its’ tickets for the limited number of seats allowed in the venue?  Then open up the live stream and sell more tickets by giving folks who wanted to come the added opportunity to attend the event “virtually” by watching the live stream.  It’s almost like opening up the annex hall and piping in the show from the main room for folks to watch on big screen TV’s.  Only the folks are watching from their computer, tables, Smart TV’s in their living room.

A webcast is an easy tool to gather your audience together in real time.The only thing you have to do is to choose a good and reliable service provider.

A team like Worship Channels, who has been awarded for their online live streaming tools for churches, make webcasting simple for their customers. The tech support team at Worship Channelspay considerable attention to their customers and are available to them at any time.

“Offer a front row seat to your all spectators by a reliable live webcasting solution”

With recent progress in high-speed internet connections as well as broadband capabilities in rural areas it is possible to webcast any kind of events a live stream. Have you ever had to work on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night?  Have you been traveling over the weekend and cannot attend church or a wedding?  Your geographical location is no longer a limitation to whether or not you can attend.  Our live video streaming solutions will now provide you a front row seat to the most significant events of your life.

New free technology for webcasting

  • With our new technology, you can propel your message to a wide audience faster and with higher quality than ever before.  You online audience can be made to feel like they are virtually attending a live church service, wedding, funeral or any other important event. Live Broadcasting with free webcasting software supports for both live as well as recorded events.  Our Live video streaming solutions permit a user to produce a live broadcast in real-time, then archive the video file from that webcast for future viewing  on the internet by your targeted audience.
  • Additionally, there’s no limit to what you can live stream.  This streaming solution can be utilized to transmit your band’s concert, or your high school’s football game, your company’s training session or anything else you can think of. There is no any additional hardware require for the live streaming of any kind of events live. All you require is a free webcasting streaming software account or a video camera (either a webcam or a camcorder that has webcam capabilities) as well as a broadband Internet connection.

Our streaming quality is superior, with no choppiness; transmit drops, or tremendous buffering. Our CDN is the most reliable in the world, with an over 98.8% continual global distribution record. Our Live streaming technology distributes the live broadcasts from “any point-to any point” around the globe.  End-users will be able to pick up the video feed nearest to them.  We have over 200,000 delivery nodes (servers) spaced evenly around the world-delivering the most outstanding streaming performance for each region.

Don’t wait, call us today!  1-509-981-6883  Or email:


Live Webcasting is the simple use of a  camera and encoding software (or hardware) to capture your church service, conference or another important event. Internet  broadcasting of your program via web casting software such as Wirecast can easily expand the online attendance of your events in remarkable ways. Whatever event you wish to live stream, you can also watch it afterwords by downloading the archived video file and posting it to any other online platform for repeat viewing.  This will allow your video content to gain more popularity and a larger audience.

Experience the Live Webcasting

If you are a church or a business/service provider for churches, you can contact us for free webcasting and create your own live stream. We will publish your event and help you reach your desired audience. If you need technical help, Worship Channel will provide you the most efficient webcasting service. Worship Channels is the leader providing live streaming services to churches all around the world. Connect with your audience 24/7.  Get efficient customer service around the clock. You can also customize your channel. We offer a live interface for users anywhere in the world.


Despite the fact that telecommuting has a lot of benefits, it also has some drawbacks.  Such as, a lack of normal in-person interaction with other staff members and business associates. While the current HR trend in discontinuing telecommuting is generally disliked, it’s still an alluring benefit for most full time office workers.  The same hi-tech evolution that made telecommuting a typical option has also made recent improvements that bring far-flung workers together in more interpersonal ways than ever before. When it comes to free webcasting, these new technologies makes in person communications an easy matter of point, click, and smile.

Now the question is; What exactly is webcasting? Basically, webcasting encompasses the use of software for streaming live audio as well as video. Let’s take for instance; if you have ever used Skype or Apple’s Face time for video chatting with a friend or family member, you have taken part in a fundamental webcast. In the same way, if you have ever watched a live event on your PC or logged into a live video conference, then you have involved yourself in a webcast.

As a matter of fact, an effective webcasting platform is able to bring your whole team together no matter where individuals are located. Whether a small team is required to work together on an impending project or you have to send a video presentation to all the international staff, it is possible with webcasting.  And you do all this with full action video and crystal clear audio.  Imagine everyone you need to make a decision or see a presentation are available to you at any time anywhere around the world.  This technology makes geographic location an obsolete element to your company’s success. The only thing you have to worry about is the Time Zone of those you are webcasting to.

Without any doubt, video gives a new dimension to communication & visual cues. For instance, while your workers could definitely work together with voice or text based equipment, they are unable to understand each other’s body language. In addition, this can be in particular vital when workers belong to different backgrounds. So, we can say that a simple smile or gesticulation can defeat language obstacles.  With webcasting clearer communication and intentions can easily be discerned by simply watching the other persons’ body language.  Now you don’t have to guess what someone meant only by what they said.  Because you can see them say it on screen as if they were in the room with you.

For example, facial expressions pass on a lot of details that is missing when you are communicating on a phone call or through email. What is more, being able to notice one’s lips move while speaking greatly assists listeners to better recognize what the person is saying, in particular, if the speaker has a heavy tone of voice or the listener has hearing problems.

Also, while we spend more time detached from the office, webcasting can also help in building stronger bonds with our colleagues and other business associates. Where emails can appear as challenging or unfriendly-video conferences show that there is a genuine person on the other end ready and eager to help. Furthermore, webcasts are great for initial meetings and project launches as well as using them to bring the future workforce up to speed.

It’s good to say that the possibilities are almost limitless. In case your staff is separated by location, you can organize or bring them together with a company wide live webcasting solution.

It may come as a surprise to most church pastors, but FACEBOOK LIVE is completely inappropriate for churches.

Why? Simple. It’s an R Rated environment that church members (especially children) should not be subject to.  Would you conduct a worship service in a bar and invite children to attend?  Of course not!  Then why in the world would you invite online viewers to Facebook Live in order to watch your church service, when they are surrounded by inappropriate links, ads, messages, posts and R-rated live streams?

Just today I logged onto my personal Facebook account and noticed the “news feed” had articles about politics, religion, sex; and none of them had good or biblical principles.  My eyes were inundated with liberal/progressive streams-of-thought by folks not following morals and values held by me, my family and my church.  And worse yet, by one simple ‘click’ of the mouse, Facebook Live was launched and my screen filled with horrible live streams from around the world, including swearing, scantily clad women, sex talk and other inappropriate content.  Imagine that your daughter or grandmother is watching these things on a Sunday morning.  It’s that bad out there.  My advice is “Don’t get caught up in the idea that you’ve got to use this secular technology provider to reach people.  Not true. There’s plenty of alternatives out there to host your live streamed church services.

Sure, Facebook Live is convenient and ‘free’ but ask yourself, “How much does FREE really cost you?”  If just one person is invited to your church’s Facebook live stream and gets distracted (or attracted) to someone else’s live broadcast filled with rants against the government, swearing, sex talk or worse, then it’s ALL not worth it.  The risks are too great.  In fact, 98% of all Facebook Live streams are deemed by some to be Rated R in content.

There are many alternatives to host your live stream instead of Facebook.  There are Christian owned and operated companies that host live streams for churches around the globe. Seek them out ( and get connected with a reliable company that provides church streaming in a safe online environment.

Author:  Shawn West is a church technology expert and President of Worship Channels. For questions please email; or call 1-509-981-6883

live-worshipYou might not be aware but there are numerous parts and pieces that make live streaming church technology work. Amid these parts of your church’s streaming system, the 3 major ones are the internet connection (from your internet service provider, ISP), the media encoder (hardware or software) and the global Content Delivery Network (CDN, also referred to as a hosting web server). There is no doubt that all the key elements have their role to play in successfully streaming video online.

So, let’s first discuss the route, in reverse, of the audio/video signal that you intend to webcast.  Starting from the viewers end; first a viewer goes to a webpage and clicks on a file they want to view. After that click, the request is sent to the CDN (hosting web server) that is storing the video file (or live stream Url) and the file to begins to play.

Secondly, it is important for the CDN that is hosting (aka storing) the video or audio file to be globally accessible and on a robust and responsive network. The requested files & other content are processed and then sent to the online user via protocols that recognize how best to transfer the dta from the hosting server (CDN) to the user’ device (PC or mobile).  The most frequently used protocol is an HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol implemented by Apple Inc.  The protocol is called HLS, which stands for http live streaming.  HLS is the most widely accepted standard for global live streaming.  In the opinion of this writer, it is also the most reliable and covers 90% of all browsers, screens and mobile devices.

The third step is for the webcaster to properly format the video and audio signal.  For effective HLS encoding, you will set your video format (via your encoder hardware or software) to H.264 and set your audio to AAC/Stereo.

Finally, please consider consulting a professional live streaming provider, such as Worship Channels, to ensure all your equipment, settings and systems set up for optimal performance.

live-worshipProducing videos is a perfect way to market a church, company varied business products or services. And if we talk about campaigning for your brand, it is important that you become as original as possible. These days you are offered the newest types of tools and technologies, it is up to you how you’ll make use of the whole lot and find dazzling ideas which people can actually appreciate & respond favorably to. With the technology like church live it is very simple to host a live stream on your website. Now, you have personalized sites that make it simple to embed a live stream being hosted on a different sites (different web page). Apart from this, you can also find numerous providers that let you stream your personal event. Make sure you choose a reliable and robust CDN (Content Delivery Network).  One such network is Worship Channels. 

In case, you want to host a live stream on your personal website, you have to ensure that you completely benefit from it. After all, the possibility is that the stream will get a large amount of traffic to your website. Can your hosted web page handle the traffic?  In addition, you need to ensure that the visitors return and ask for more. Here, the first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to confirm that you have other exciting, related content that is noticeably there on the site. For instance, you might wish to verify that a few of your well-known posts can be perceived in the sidebar.  Good navigation is the key to multiple views of your content.

It is good to confirm that visitors are able to see more than just the title of other posts. In addition, you also want them to observe a tempting picture. According to the research, people are far more on the verge of clicking over to a post if they observe a picture above the link.

Apart from this, experts suggest to make certain that visitors are able to easily find your site again and again. It is vital to check that you have large visible buttons that let users to like your site on social media. It is also recommended to keep striving to encourage people to sign up for your email mailing list as by doing so you can get hold of numerous subscribers.

Also, you should make the most of your streams and live worship, and ensure that the visitors have a good reason to return to you.


These days, live webcasts are getting extremely popular with many professional organizations.  In particular, live webcasts are useful in building client relations, product launches and firmly establishing brand positioning in the minds of your global viewers. Most importantly, figuring out how to appropriately host a live streamed event makes your efforts to provide a high-quality live webcast even more critical to your success.

Here, we have brought you a few key tips that can assist you in hosting a webcast and make certain that it goes smoothly.

  • The first and foremost thing you can do is to begin with a pre-event checklist with undertakings that are vital to ensure a smooth operation. Yes, checklists will assist you in evading any horrible unforeseen problems.
  • It is important that you create event awareness. Getting the attention of the right spectators-those who will actively take part in your live webcasting event-is a fundamental step for the success of your live event.
  • You are encouraged to motivate viewers to engage in event. Utilize all the possible methods and sources that make the event interactive. When you allow members to act together and connect with the host, it significantly leads to the hit of the event. Also, it is a perfect idea to try out with live chats or polls. And don’t forget the ever-important #Hashtags. Also live polling is becoming an increasingly popular method to proactively engage viewers.
  • Possibly, the most crucial technological aspect to a successful live stream is internet connectivity. You should make sure you have a dedicated high-speed internet connection that is hard wired. Attempting to live stream wirelessly is a dangerous proposition!  Also, verify that you are having a backing network connectivity to depend on if there is any emergency.
  • Additionally, use reliable A/V (audio/visual) tools and trustworthy encoders (hardware of software) together with streaming support that is available to you 24/7.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on the background. Evade boring backdrops and check that there is high-quality illumination. Solid colors that contrast each other are the best! No stripes, dots or plaids please!

These are a few fundamental steps that can be taken to assist you get on track in planning your first live and free webcasting.


It is a well-known fact that technology and communication are two key aspects that run the present world. When there’s an improvement or advance in some technologies, those changes can have game-changing effects worldwide. One such improvement is the introduction of webcasting services for churches all around the globe.

This new technology, to easily broadcast your church services with the touch of a button, can be harnessed to greatly serve the needs of church members from any size church, large or small.  The advantage to churches who use this technology is becoming more and more important.  However, it is also important to find the right company who provides the webcasting services. Below-mentioned tips are helpful to get this done. Take a look:

Tip#1: When you decide on a live streaming provider, it is essential that the company has a large network system. Make certain that your webcasting agency can handle the global delivery to ensure your broadcast signal is accessible anywhere on this planet.

Tip#2: Make sure your provider’s infrastructure (Content Delivery Network) is large enough to provide flawless and uninterrupted delivery of your video and audio content.

Tip#3:  Make sure that the company has the technical support to provide consistent and knowledgeable (and friendly) customer service.

Tip#4: Make sure the provider has the resources to actually practice the art of live streaming themselves so that you know you are getting useful and practical (real world) work flows, suggestions and best practices.

Tip#5: A good web casting company is always on the hunt for modernization and improvement, so that the clients get the most of the world-wide-web and its hi-tech development.

What is more, you should also check the cost effectiveness and reasonably priced packages offered by the company.  Don’t miss the chance to compare the prices of all the most sought after live streaming companies.

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