Frequently Asked Questions

How does live streaming work?
With your camera, a computer and a high speed internet connection you can broadcast your church services to people around the world who wish to watch your live video stream.  Worship Channels is the global leader in live streaming for churches with over 5,000 servers spread around the globe.  We provide all the tools you’ll need to reach new viewers and keep your current church members connected 24/7.

Where can I learn the basics of streaming with Worship Channels?
We have customer services professionals that guide you through the basics of streaming.  Just a few of the tutorial sessions you will receive include an Introduction to Streaming, How to Choose and Use Encoder Software, How to Embed Live Stream Code,  How to Use our Award Winning User Interface (Channel Controls,) and Best Streaming Practices for Churches.  Also, we have several “Preferred Partners” who offer informative webcasts featuring new products (hardware & software) for enhanced streaming capabilities; We can provide suppliers for all your equipment purchases and installations; We have great resources for churches designing a new building or refurbishing their existing sanctuary.

Do I get continued technical support?

We take pride in providing great customer service.


If you want an active online ministry, so your members can stay connected around the world and around the clock, let us help.  Our support teams are available 24/7.  And it’s all FREE.

Will anyone be able to view my church services?
Anyone connected to the internet (hot spot, high-speed, 3G, 4G) will be able to access your streaming video (live & video-on-demand).  We also have support available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) as well.  If you prefer a private live event, then you may enable “Password Protection” on any of your channels at any time.  You may have unique or global passwords to access the live & video-on-demand content.

What equipment is necessary to broadcast our live stream?
You need a computer, an Internet connection, a video camera, and possibly a video capture device (or an alternative way to get the video footage into your computer).

Can we embed our video stream on our own church website?
Yes. We provide both the new style iFrame codes and old style embed codes for you to enable your viewers to see your Worship Channel’s video player on your existing church website.

Do you offer video-on-demand?
Yes, every membership plans comes with Video-On-Demand functionality.  Your viewers can watch and share archived recordings of your church services 24 hours a day.  Also, we will gladly give you the http: address necessary to allow access of these archived video files via your own church website (much like a podcast).

How long can we store our on-demand videos on your server?
We don’t limit the length of time you can store your archived video files. Each plan comes with an allotment of free monthly storage. To determine the size of individual video files begin with the assumption that each hour of streaming (at a bitrate of 500 kbps) is approximately equal to a 250 Mb sized file.  So, 1 gigabyte of storage would equal 4 hour-long sermons.  Additional storage is available for $2.00 per GBS/month.

How much does a monthly membership plan cost?
Pick the plan that’s right for you.  We have monthly memberships that start at just $99 per month.  We have pricing for any size church.  Big or small, we offer it all.

Don’t need a monthly membership, but need a channel quick?  We have one-time use channels for your conference, district meeting, wedding or memorial service.  Call now and get your custom-branded channel for as low as $89 per hour, with unlimited viewership & unlimited bandwidth.  See more details pricing info.

Are there any setup fees?
None!  We have a free 30-day trial, so sign up today, and start streaming tomorrow!

Are there any contracts or long term commitments with your streaming service?
There are no contracts or long term commitments with our streaming service. You can pay monthly for your service and you can cancel at any time.

Are there any advertisements that interrupt our live church services?
No, unlike Ustream or Livestream, we do not have third party ads that interrupt your broadcasts.  We are 100% ad free, all the time.

Do all features come with the $99 membership plan?
Our $99 per month plan comes with all the same features as our larger plans. The only limits are the monthly bandwidth usage, and storage included (see pricing info). The majority of our clients choose the Standard Member Plan at $149 to meet their needs.

Do you put a limited on how often I can broadcast?
No, we do not limit the number of live events you may broadcast.  You can broadcast on as many days and times as you want.

What if our church needs more bandwidth than what is provided by the $99 per month plan?
If you ever need additional bandwidth or go over your monthly allotment of bandwidth, you are only charged on an actual use prorated basis. Unlike the phone company, we do not penalize you for going over your minutes.  You pay the exact same per gigabyte rate as would normally on your plan.  We also provide monthly usage reports so you can monitor your usage from month-to-month.  This handy report helps to determine if you are on the right plan with us, or perhaps you could benefit from discount pricing by upgrading your plan at any time.

Can I customize my channel?

Yes! We provide all the tools necessary for you to customize the look and feel of your Worship Channel.  Our award winning User Interface is accessible from anywhere in the world and you will have your own password protected account with which to create new channels, add content, customize the display features and more.

Screengrab of our User Interface:

 Is Worship Channels only for churches?
We specialize in meeting the needs of churches and other faith-based organizations. We also have another streaming brand called “Streamvuze” should any of our clients prefer that association.

Could you provide us with a list of references?
Yes, references are provided upon request.  Simply email us or visit our website to view our testimonials.

What useful ministry tools & features do you offer?
Our Features web page highlights the main features we offer. We also have a free 30-day trial so you can experiment with all of our features.

Does your system use Flash or Windows Media?
We stream in RTMP Flash as well as HLS and HDS.  95% of the internet is Flash compatible and most computers already come with the latest Adobe Flash Player installed.  If your computer needs an update, click here. 

Can Worship Channels integrate with our existing church’s video & audio system?
Yes.  It is usually very easy to split off an output feed from an existing video system. During your free trial (sign up), we would be happy to help you figure out the wire or adapter you may need as well as run camera and audio tests during business hours, evenings or weekends.

What is the best bitrate to live stream my church services?
We have three recommendations:  Low quality bitrate setting of 350 kbps (kilobits per second) for wireless streaming, 550 kbps for medium quality streaming, and 950 kbps for high-quality (comparable to television) streaming and 2000 Kbps (or 2 Mbs) for HD.  However, you are welcome to broadcast at higher or lower bit rates depending on the Internet connection speeds of you and your visitors.  We do not bandwidth throttle like other streaming providers (e.g. UStream, Livestream, JustinTV), which limits the quality of your end users’ viewing experience.

What size video players are available?
All of our video players are widescreen, 864 X 525 pixels.   We have one of the largest and highest quality video players in the industry.

Many of my viewers want to use their iPads and iPhones to watch services online, since these mobile devices do not support Flash does your system support iOS (Apple operating systems)? 
Yes, we offer iOS support on any stream. There is a $20 per month maintenance fees for this service, $10 per month with 1 year commitment and FREE for PRO PLAN customers.

What additional features to you plan to add in the future?
The web developers at Worship Channels continue to keep innovation and ease-of-use at the forefront of each new feature and functionality of our online streaming products. We provide higher quality video and more reliable content delivery than any other provider.  New features are created with your church needs at the forefront of our  development.

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Our Promise to you

Understanding your audience and their experience is very important to us.  Where are your viewers watching from?  Who is having trouble viewing? Who stayed to watch the longest?  Who left – and why?  Our live event solutions include the best Advanced Analytics for rich, real-time insight into how your live event is going, as well as in-depth intelligence about audience size and geographic locations. Want to know where your viewers are watching from? We can tell you that. Want to know what content they are viewing the most? We can tell you that too. Want to know what devices, browsers, and operating systems they are using? We have Advanced Analytics that cover all the bases.

Can Worship Channels handle my church’s expansion as we grow our online ministries?

Yes! At Worship Channels we harness the power of the one of the world’s largest Content Delivery Network (CDN) called EdgeCast, to support our clients.  With Worship Channels, you can use any or all of our strategically located SuperPOPs as broadcast nodes, bringing your live stream to within milliseconds of more than 95% of the world’s broadband users. This means your church service (or conference) is delivered to your audience intact, in real time, and at the best quality their internet connection allows.  You may also “loan out” your Worship Channels account to another church or missionary group in any part of the world, so that they may use your channels to broadcast from their location back to you.  A very handy feature indeed.

Incidentally, our content delivery network has successfully delivered hugely popular live events for well-known Christian artists & conferences such as Michael W. Smith, Louis Giglio, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, National Worship Leader Conference (sponsored by Worship Leader Magazine), and many others.

How do I get more information about streaming with Worship Channels?
Please contact us and a real live person will be in touch with you quickly.  Please feel free to visit our website or subscribe to our blog for more information about live streaming for your church.  Don’t just stream your church services online – you can create an interactive live web campus!  Share on Facebook, Twitter, email and more!

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