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Do you know just how much media matters to the world in our present day and age? It easy to see how instant messaging of photos, videos and music via popular social networking sites are the highlight of your daily life.  In fact, a new standard is being set and, believe it or not, a lot of churches are leading the way by using the most recent technology to keep church members connected and communicating in ways never thought possible before.

Live streaming

For folks who are sick or unable to attend a church service, they can attend church virtually via live church streaming.  Also, with the advent of podcasting they can subscribe to church services (via RSS feeds) and listen from their PC or mobile device.  Whether video or audio, the procedures these days are simple and any church can control the quality and content with the use of a computer and some simple software, generating superior looking & sounding production quality.  The live church service is now the first and foremost priority, according to many church planners and leaders.  Live streaming ensures growth and builds community awareness for churches of all sizes.  Cost wise, if you can afford to add a mobile cell phone to the church’s annual budget, then you can add a live streaming provider.  Worshp Channels is a well-known and popular hosting service for churches around the world.

Wireless systems

And speaking of great sound quality, when it comes to wireless microphones, there are more than an ample variety these days to choose from.  Handheld mics and over-the-ear mics for pastors and priests give them the ability to be more mobile and leave the stage area makes their message more compelling and pertinent to their audience.  Also, adding inner ear monitors are a great new trend in churches around the world.  The reason is clear (pun intended).  Getting rid of those large and ugly floor monitors can be a great way to remove unnecessary room noise and ear-piercing feedback.  A complete wireless system can be expensive however. You can buy complete wireless sound reinforcement and monitor systems, but you just need to bear in mind that many of the latest tools you may require additional resources to ensure proper use.  And you may need to re-train your volunteers to become experts on using these new technologies efficiently and to their full potential.

HD implementation

What is more, church media leaders are also starting to make use of HD tools; 7.1 surround sound, 4K cameras and high resolution live stream technologies.  As most broadcasting and video is now in HD, the future of church media will include an entire HD experience from start to finish.

The future

As technologies keep changing, the church will aim to be more cutting edge and forward-thinking than ever.  Keeping up may be hard, but efforts to provide excellence in the church in all areas of media will always be our goal.