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How do you choose the best of worship live service? Make certain that important considerations are met before you select a company to provide your new global ministry distribution. Let us have a look at some of the more important things to consider when selecting a company to offer the best of such services.

The selection of the service provider must be based on the below considerations.

Help in choosing the right plan:  There are various plans which you can avail from such service providers. It is good to be guided by the service provider as to which plan is best for your church. The technicians must be able to help you in that respect. You need to select that company which offers you such guidance.  Make sure they are prompt, courteous and available during your most needed hours.

Help regarding equipment choices: There will always be times when you use equipment that you already have and times when new equipment will need to purchased.  The company you select must provide guidance on what pieces of equipment will enable you have the best live worship streaming.  And if you ever need equipment replace, find out if your provider can arrange for purchases to be shipped to you and if they offer any corporate discounts you may take advantage of before buying locally or online.

Have all-round support: You must select a company who can offer you 24*7 support service. There may be need of such support at anytime of the day and you must have it from the company that you have selected. Do they offer tech support on Sunday mornings?

Ease to upgrade: The selected service provider must have the capability to upgrade your service whenever you wish.   Do they answer the phone when you call?  Do they call you back promptly?

If you wish to have such nature of worship live services at an affordable price then you need to be at


Many ministries and Houses of Worship offer online video streaming. When searching online you may come across many websites that offer hosting sermon videos. Let us explore some of the benefits of streaming worship videos.

  1. Extends the reach within community

Is your church well-known in your community?  Does the public know what you stand for?  Do folks know what you can offer those in need who live nearby?

  • Homebound people. Some people simply cannot get to the church building. That shouldn’t limit them from attending “virtually” via an online live stream.
  • Experience. When young people* drive by your church, do they have to guess what goes on inside the building? Or can they logon to the internet and get a peek inside?
  • Connected members. It is important for the current members of your church to have as easy way to stay connected to your church via Live worship.
  1. Discipleship factor

Church and members can make use of video streaming on any day.

  • Working a weekend shift on Sunday? People can still be a part of the Sunday worship on any other day of the week. That makes it easy to follow the weekly teachings online.
  1. Harsh weather

Where are the snow birds?

  • During harsh weather conditions, most people are not able to attend church services.  Easily stream videos online and view right on the church website.
  • Watch and pray from your home or mobile device.
  • Interact with “prayer requests” and “online giving.”
  • Church services can be downloaded and viewed again-and-again.
  1. Economical factor

Do you pay high prices for radio or TV broadcasting now?

  • If you broadcast your church services now via your local cable provider, you know how expensive that can be. Live streaming each month costs about the same price of an average single monthly cell phone bill.
  • And churches with 100 members or less can expect to pay around $49 per month.
  • Streaming worship is very economical to watch. Easily access via your smart TV, mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Re-watching ON DEMAND is also easy and convenient. A great streaming provider is


*FACT:  “A young married couple will watch your church live stream an average of 6 times online before deciding whether or not to enter the church building.” 

-Shawn West, President

live-worshipProducing videos is a perfect way to market a church, company varied business products or services. And if we talk about campaigning for your brand, it is important that you become as original as possible. These days you are offered the newest types of tools and technologies, it is up to you how you’ll make use of the whole lot and find dazzling ideas which people can actually appreciate & respond favorably to. With the technology like church live it is very simple to host a live stream on your website. Now, you have personalized sites that make it simple to embed a live stream being hosted on a different sites (different web page). Apart from this, you can also find numerous providers that let you stream your personal event. Make sure you choose a reliable and robust CDN (Content Delivery Network).  One such network is Worship Channels. 

In case, you want to host a live stream on your personal website, you have to ensure that you completely benefit from it. After all, the possibility is that the stream will get a large amount of traffic to your website. Can your hosted web page handle the traffic?  In addition, you need to ensure that the visitors return and ask for more. Here, the first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to confirm that you have other exciting, related content that is noticeably there on the site. For instance, you might wish to verify that a few of your well-known posts can be perceived in the sidebar.  Good navigation is the key to multiple views of your content.

It is good to confirm that visitors are able to see more than just the title of other posts. In addition, you also want them to observe a tempting picture. According to the research, people are far more on the verge of clicking over to a post if they observe a picture above the link.

Apart from this, experts suggest to make certain that visitors are able to easily find your site again and again. It is vital to check that you have large visible buttons that let users to like your site on social media. It is also recommended to keep striving to encourage people to sign up for your email mailing list as by doing so you can get hold of numerous subscribers.

Also, you should make the most of your streams and live worship, and ensure that the visitors have a good reason to return to you.

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