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There are standard sizes and render settings for online videos.

  • High Def 1080p = mp4, 1920×1080
  • High Def =mp4, 1280×720
  • Standard Def = mp4, 640×360
  • Mobile =mp4, 480×270

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Live streaming made simple

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We provide specially coded video players to enable Apple mobile devices to view Flash Live Streams.  As some may know, Apple mobile devices DO NOT natively play Flash videos.  This has been an issue for several years and Apple shows no sign of changing their policy. So, we have gone the extra mile in providing Apple viewers a “transcoded” live stream.

For a demonstration of this technology, please feel free to give us a call and we will upload a live stream for you to watch on your iPhone or iPad.

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Worship_Streaming_Media_Newsletter_BannerDownload this free Special Report to learn the benefits of live streaming events. Hear from the Minister of Worship and Music at Trinity Lutheran Church on how he says streaming media

  • Increased Donations
  • Grew the Number of Congregants
  • Reached People In Need of Support
  • Increased Presence in the Community

He compares the streamed events from the holidays to see how much additional outreach they’re achieving to help quantify the church’s ongoing transition to a missional type organization.

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People often ask me this question, usually followed by a comment quoted from their pastor who says, “I don’t want people staying home and not coming to church. Won’t they stay home, if they can watch in their pajamas and slippers?   There are many answers to the question, but my research and polls have found that the driving force behind people’s desire to view church online is wide and varied.  Here’s just a few of the most common reasons:

The 5 top reasons to provide live streaming are:

1) Young couples who have just moved into town will watch a live stream church service an average of 6 times before stepping foot in the church building.

2) Streaming is an effective way for existing church members to stay connected with membership.

3) Providing an alternative for those who have odd work schedules or who travel frequently for work or play  (snow birds).

4) For those who are sick or infirmed.

5) For the elderly who can’t leave home (shut ins) or those living in an assisted living environment.

Also, if folks are like me, when a child in the family is ill it is impossible to bring them to church and drop them off at the nursery because you don’t want other children at the church to get sick too.  So, the most likely situation is that one (or both) of the parents stay home from church as well to take care of the little one.  With a live stream of the church services, the parents can keep up with what’s with going on in the church family as well as enjoy the sermon from the convenience of their home computer or mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Droid, etc.).

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