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Do you have the “POWR?”

We are now installing these great-looking plug-ins on all kinds of websites for displaying high-quality video-on-demand. Call us for a demonstration: 1-509-981-6883

Video On Demand POWR plug-in



To: All churches

Thinking of live streaming your church services?  Here’s how…


We will provide you with an advanced video player to embed onto a page on your church website. Or easily use the popular Church Online Platform


We recommend that you buy this device from us: Cerevo: LIVE SHELL PRO $449 retail (only $419 if you buy from us).


Connect your camera to the LIVE SHELL PRO box, either via HDMI, or the red, white and yellow connectors.


Connect your internet cable into the LIVE SHELL PRO box.  NOTE: Check your internet speed.  Go to and run a speed test.  Try to get at least 1.5 Mbps of upload capacity from your internet service provider. This will provide high-quality streaming experience for your viewers around the world.


We will assist you with the necessary settings on your LIVE SHELL PRO box for uploading your video & audio signal to our servers.


We distribute your live streaming broadcast around the world.  Viewers can simply go to the page on your church website to view the live stream.


We will provide tech support for you, your church volunteers and your viewers via text, email or phone.

The value for these services is over $1,000.  But since you are just starting out, we can offer you a specially discounted monthly membership fee of only $49 per month (which includes up to 50 Gigabytes per month of bandwidth consumption) for your live streaming.  Only $99 per month for 100 Gigabytes per month. 

Please let us know when you would like to get started.

Call 1-509-951-6883



Live streaming made simple

Call us today, start streaming tomorrow!

We provide specially coded video players to enable Apple mobile devices to view Flash Live Streams.  As some may know, Apple mobile devices DO NOT natively play Flash videos.  This has been an issue for several years and Apple shows no sign of changing their policy. So, we have gone the extra mile in providing Apple viewers a “transcoded” live stream.

For a demonstration of this technology, please feel free to give us a call and we will upload a live stream for you to watch on your iPhone or iPad.

Our office phone: 1-509-981-6883

Dear Pastor Tim,
We listened and watched the service from home, once again.  Preparing for Christmas has always seemed quite “easy” as we have lit our advent wreath all through the years and taken part in all the services for as long as I can remember.  This year we feel so distant from the all the the sights and sounds that surround us.
The live stream has become more than just something Westminster Presbyterian Church does as outreach.  It has become our connection to worship.  It is a real church experience…not a made for broadcast production.  It has a “grounding” effect as we watch keeping  “us in the loop”.   The beauty of the season is seen outside our windows today…and was also seen in the service we watched on our computer this a.m.!
Thank you…Nancy and Jim

Worship_Streaming_Media_Newsletter_BannerDownload this free Special Report to learn the benefits of live streaming events. Hear from the Minister of Worship and Music at Trinity Lutheran Church on how he says streaming media

  • Increased Donations
  • Grew the Number of Congregants
  • Reached People In Need of Support
  • Increased Presence in the Community

He compares the streamed events from the holidays to see how much additional outreach they’re achieving to help quantify the church’s ongoing transition to a missional type organization.

Get your copy today!

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