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The internet has set many trends and webcasting is one of the most widely used and popular new trend.

What’s a webcast you ask?  It’s the global transmission of an audio & video signal distributed through the internet – and it can be LIVE or ON DEMAND. Webcasting requires using streaming media, push technology and a webcam. The technology is now quite commonly used for personal, official as well as religious purposes. Sporting events, church services, music concerts, red carpet premieres, press conferences and other events are webcasted commonly.

The best thing about live streaming is it makes you feel “connected” no matter the distance.  Is someone in your family getting married this year?  It’s cheaper than one airline ticket to broadcast the wedding ceremony to every family member scattered around the world.  Geographic location is no longer a barrier to attending life’s most precious occasions.  No matter how many miles away you are, you won’t miss any family gathering, reunion and wedding. From its increasing popularity, benefits, and ease-of use, it is evident that webcasting is here to stay.

While the trend is quite popular among churches for online streaming of events of other occasions, corporate and businesses also use live streaming to conduct conferences, online presentations, and product launches. They even use the technology to advertise their products and services through live events. Companies are giving traditional seminars a back seat and adopting webinarsfor branding and similar purposes. Did your event sell out its’ tickets for the limited number of seats allowed in the venue?  Then open up the live stream and sell more tickets by giving folks who wanted to come the added opportunity to attend the event “virtually” by watching the live stream.  It’s almost like opening up the annex hall and piping in the show from the main room for folks to watch on big screen TV’s.  Only the folks are watching from their computer, tables, Smart TV’s in their living room.

A webcast is an easy tool to gather your audience together in real time.The only thing you have to do is to choose a good and reliable service provider.

A team like Worship Channels, who has been awarded for their online live streaming tools for churches, make webcasting simple for their customers. The tech support team at Worship Channelspay considerable attention to their customers and are available to them at any time.



It is a well-known fact that technology and communication are two key aspects that run the present world. When there’s an improvement or advance in some technologies, those changes can have game-changing effects worldwide. One such improvement is the introduction of webcasting services for churches all around the globe.

This new technology, to easily broadcast your church services with the touch of a button, can be harnessed to greatly serve the needs of church members from any size church, large or small.  The advantage to churches who use this technology is becoming more and more important.  However, it is also important to find the right company who provides the webcasting services. Below-mentioned tips are helpful to get this done. Take a look:

Tip#1: When you decide on a live streaming provider, it is essential that the company has a large network system. Make certain that your webcasting agency can handle the global delivery to ensure your broadcast signal is accessible anywhere on this planet.

Tip#2: Make sure your provider’s infrastructure (Content Delivery Network) is large enough to provide flawless and uninterrupted delivery of your video and audio content.

Tip#3:  Make sure that the company has the technical support to provide consistent and knowledgeable (and friendly) customer service.

Tip#4: Make sure the provider has the resources to actually practice the art of live streaming themselves so that you know you are getting useful and practical (real world) work flows, suggestions and best practices.

Tip#5: A good web casting company is always on the hunt for modernization and improvement, so that the clients get the most of the world-wide-web and its hi-tech development.

What is more, you should also check the cost effectiveness and reasonably priced packages offered by the company.  Don’t miss the chance to compare the prices of all the most sought after live streaming companies.

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Worship Channels is one of the leading church streaming providers whose mission is to provide the most reliable online ministry tools and tech support. As a customer, you will be provided with high resolution video and more reliable content delivery than any other provider.  Harnessing the power of Verizon Digital Media Services (CDN), we will deliver your live stream to all of the world’s online viewers, at the best possible price.

Our company has highly experienced and skilled professional technicians who assist you in selecting the right plan for your church. If you are looking for the best worshipcast, contact us today. We will be happy to help you get started quickly and easily. Before offering any package, we will discuss your needs and goals for your online ministry.

Our company will also review your current equipment, and offer helpful suggestions for hardware or software upgrades or changes.  In fact, as a “Gold Level” reseller, we offer many brands of equipment (hardware and software) that you can purchase using our corporate discount.  This will often save you 10%, 15%, 20% or more!  We also help you to choose the right equipment along with professional installation services.  Our professionals are able to install almost anything, whether it is cameras, switchers, converter boxes, mixers, projectors and computers.  We pride ourselves in our ability to TRAIN you, TROUBLESHOOT & TEACH YOU. Our services are available at the best possible price. Sounds interesting?  Contact us today. We will be happy to help.

We are happy to offer you the best in global Webcasting.  If you have any questions regarding our services, please call or visit our website today. Our website address is

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